AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-12libstage: add return value to stage_render_func_tHEADmasterVito Caputo
2020-05-29bootstrap: switch to autoreconf --installVito Caputo
2020-05-29libstage: support caller-supplied stage memoryVito Caputo
2020-05-29libstage: only free stage memory when allocatedVito Caputo
2020-05-29libstage: add stage, rename adopt->replace in stage_conf_tVito Caputo
2020-04-20libstage: introduce 'adopt' flag to stage_conf_tVito Caputo
2020-04-20libstage: return stage_t* from stage_replace()Vito Caputo
2019-10-07.gitignore: ignore autotools junkVito Caputo
2019-09-16libstage: set initial dirty state via stage_conf_tVito Caputo
2019-09-05libstage: don't prepare at root if inactiveVito Caputo
2019-08-27libstage: drop stage_lookup_key/stage_lookup_func_tVito Caputo
2019-08-27libstage: encapsulate stage funs in an ops structVito Caputo
2019-06-12libstage: introduce stage_conf_t for stage_new()Vito Caputo
2019-06-12libstage: cast lookup result silencing const warnVito Caputo
2019-06-12libstage: introduce prepare_func and prepare passVito Caputo
2019-06-12libstage: add rudimentary dirty stateVito Caputo
2019-05-29libstage: s/match/lookup/gVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: add pass-thru pointer to stage_render()Vito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: add stage_lookup_key()Vito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: introduce stage_match_func_tVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: drop pointer from func_t typedefsVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: add missing gettersVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: move stage_[sg]et_object() by othersVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: return values from gettersVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: remove vestigial stage_fit()Vito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: add some rudimentary assertsVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: deprecate stage_node_*, go heirarchicalVito Caputo
2019-05-10libstage: s/dll_pre/dll_add_pre/gVito Caputo
2019-05-10dll_h: sync with upstream for dll_add_(pre|post)Vito Caputo
2019-05-07libstage: update copyright linesVito Caputo
2019-05-07libstage: use dll.h for linked lists, rm list.hVito Caputo
2019-05-07dll_h: move to include/dll_hVito Caputo
2019-05-07dll_h: add dll_h linked list header submoduleVito Caputo
2018-09-11libstage: remove SDL2 dependency from configure.acVito Caputo
2018-09-11libstage: remove everything dimensionalVito Caputo
2018-07-12libstage: add {position,aabb}_map concept to stageVito Caputo
2018-06-11libstage: add alternate node mappingsVito Caputo
2018-06-09libstage: add stage_node_set_static()Vito Caputo
2018-06-09libstage: simplify aabb_to_rect to operate on nodeVito Caputo
2018-06-09libstage: simplify set active and locked node apiVito Caputo
2018-06-09libstage: forward declare SDL types in stage.hVito Caputo
2018-05-24libstage: rewrite aabb_to_rect() for less errorVito Caputo
2018-05-24libstage: add stage_node_[sg]et_origin()Vito Caputo
2018-05-24libstage: add stage_[sg]et_position()Vito Caputo
2018-05-24libstage: use v2f_t instead of float x,y in apiVito Caputo
2018-05-24libstage: decouple stage_fit() from stage_tVito Caputo
2018-05-15stage: add stage_[sg]et_alpha()Vito Caputo
2018-05-14LICENSE: add copy of GPLv3Vito Caputo
2018-05-04stage: introduce stage_node_[sg]et_position()Vito Caputo
2018-05-03*: initial commit derived from whale stage codeVito Caputo
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