codex/.gitPoC of a FUSE interface for navigating and reading systemd journal contents 2 years
dll_h/.gitDoubly-linked list C header (this is mostly incomplete) 2 years
glimmer/.gitglimmer is a GTK+-3.0 frontend for rototiller (WIP-quality) 3 months
jio/.gitjio is an experimental systemd-journald journal file tool utilizing io_uring 4 months
jittery/.gitOld hack for observing kernel event->user-space wake-up latencies 2 years
libiou/.gitsimple async IO-oriented scheduler api for io_uring via liburing 6 months
libix2/.git2D spatial index library (quadtree) 12 months
libix3/.git3D spatial index library (octree) 2 years
libpad/.gitChunked memory pool allocator library 12 months
libplay/.gitThin wrapper around SDL and SDL_Mixer for game development purposes 8 months
libplayit/.git.IT file retro music playback library derived from SchismTracker 2 years
libpulp/.gitCooperatively scheduled fiber/coroutine library supporting POSIX and Win32 2 years
libstage/.gitThin stage manager library (for real-time graphics) 11 months
pig/.gitpig is a small GLSL viewer for shader development purposes 7 months
randtest/.gitTest case for WINE fiberized rand() bug repro (WINE bug report supplement) 2 years
rmd/.gitMy usable fork of the recordMyDesktop X desktop recording tool 11 days
rototiller/.gitCollection of software-rendered graphics hacks supporting libdrm and SDL2 3 months
sars/.gitAnother silly gamelet, made for the 24-hour Blender 2020 IRC compo 11 months
thunk_h/.gitConvenient thunk creation and usage C header 6 months
v2f_h/.git2D vector type and common operations C header 2 years
v3f_h/.git3D vector type and common operations C header 2 years
vwm/.gitMinimalist X11 window manager with built-in visual process monitoring 4 months
whale/.gitSilly gamelet, made for the 24-hour Blender 2018 IRC compo (winner) 3 years
wye/.git`wye` is an input-oriented `tee` analog; PoC quality 7 months
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