BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master*: update copyright notices to encompass 2022Vito Caputo4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-03-08*: update copyright notices to encompass 2022HEADmasterVito Caputo
2022-03-08iou: s/entries/n_entries/ in iou_resize()Vito Caputo
2022-03-08iou: update stale iou_op_new() commentVito Caputo
2021-08-28iou: give async worker threads a nameVito Caputo
2021-08-24iou: try consume CQEs in batchesVito Caputo
2021-08-24iou: don't loop until n_async depletesVito Caputo
2021-08-24iou: introduce iou_async() for threadingVito Caputo
2021-08-16iou: allocate ops in exponentially growing chunksVito Caputo
2021-08-15iou: cosmetic mechanical rename s/new/_op/Vito Caputo
2021-08-15iou: add iou_ring() iou->ring accessorVito Caputo
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