BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
checkers-wavesmodules/checkers: add sampled overlay optionVito Caputo11 months
checkers-waves-textureable-settingmodules/checkers: WIP experimenting with texturable settingsVito Caputo11 months
macutil: add macos support for getting number of CPUsVito Caputo3 years
mastermodules/rocket: mv modules/rocket modules/rktVito Caputo12 days
pixbounce-threadedmodules/pixbounce: PoC of threading pixbounceVito Caputo11 months
rocketmodules/rocket: implement GNU Rocket integrationVito Caputo2 months
signalsmodules/signals: WIP experimental signals moduleVito Caputo2 years
stubstub: add a stub sample moduleVito Caputo12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysmodules/rocket: mv modules/rocket modules/rktHEADmasterVito Caputo
12 daysmodules/rocket: %s/rocket/rkt/gVito Caputo
2023-02-23libs/rocket: bump submodule and enable TCP_NODELAYVito Caputo
2023-02-06til: get rid of the partial knobs implementationVito Caputo
2023-02-06modules/meta2d: add some taps for controlling visible bandVito Caputo
2023-01-22modules/flui2d: add taps for viscosity,diffusion,decayVito Caputo
2023-01-22modules/drizzle: add taps for viscosity,rainfallVito Caputo
2023-01-22modules/blinds: add taps for T,step,countVito Caputo
2023-01-21modules/rocket: implement GNU Rocket integrationVito Caputo
2023-01-21modules/rocket: preliminary rocket moduleVito Caputo
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