BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
checkers-wavesmodules/checkers: add sampled overlay optionVito Caputo2 months
checkers-waves-textureable-settingmodules/checkers: WIP experimenting with texturable settingsVito Caputo2 months
macutil: add macos support for getting number of CPUsVito Caputo3 years
mastermodules/sparkler: plug longstanding chunker leakVito Caputo3 weeks
pixbounce-threadedmodules/pixbounce: PoC of threading pixbounceVito Caputo3 months
signalsmodules/signals: WIP experimental signals moduleVito Caputo21 months
stubstub: add a stub sample moduleVito Caputo3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-06-13modules/sparkler: plug longstanding chunker leakHEADmasterVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/checkers: experimenting with fill modesVito Caputo
2022-06-10til: introduce til_frame_plan_t and .cpu_affinityVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/roto: drive from ticks, move palette to contetxtVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/plato: derive movement from delta ticksVito Caputo
2022-06-10til: add ticks to til_module_context_tVito Caputo
2022-06-10til_threads: remove vestigial n_fragments counterVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/blinds: use til_fb_put_pixel_checked()Vito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/montage: minor fixupsVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/montage: remove vestigial unused variableVito Caputo
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