BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterparseargs: fixup --help typos and inconsistenciesVito Caputo12 days
0.5.0commit c06c859939...Vito Caputo9 months
0.4.4commit 366222fd86...Vito Caputo12 months
0.4.3commit 944ec32042...Vito Caputo14 months
0.4.2commit 4d83ebd961...Vito Caputo18 months
0.4.1commit e63ff24cec...Vito Caputo18 months
0.4.0commit 46e9069fdb...Vito Caputo18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysparseargs: fixup --help typos and inconsistenciesHEADmasterVito Caputo
2021-08-19get_frames: nix even coord constraint in rmdMoveCaptureAreaVito Caputo
2021-08-19get_frames: fix --follow-mouseVito Caputo
2021-06-24doc: mention --periodic-datasync-ms in man pageVito Caputo
2021-06-12Use memcpy to copy FRAM, not strncpyMartin Nordholts
2021-06-12Cast AllPlanes to CARD32 for planeMaskMartin Nordholts
2021-06-12Fix jack_client_new() deprecation warningMartin Nordholts
2021-04-30*: minor message string typo fixupsVito Caputo
2021-04-29ChangeLog: restore empty ChangeLog to satisfy automakeVito Caputo
2021-04-29yuv_utils: more cleanupsVito Caputo
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