AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-12modules/compose: more robust texture preservationHEADmasterVito Caputo
2022-11-09modules/strobe: force flash even at low FPSPhilip J Freeman
2022-09-05modules/roto: move tables init to context createVito Caputo
2022-09-05modules/blinds: use til_ticks_to_rads(ticks)Vito Caputo
2022-09-05til_util: add helper for turning ticks into radiansVito Caputo
2022-09-04modules/strobe: add rudimentary strobe light moduleVito Caputo
2022-09-04til: fixup til_fb_fragment_t.texture fragmentingVito Caputo
2022-08-11modules/plato: add some rudimentary settingsVito Caputo
2022-08-07modules/compose: add moire as a texture moduleVito Caputo
2022-08-07main: still show configured flags with --goVito Caputo
2022-08-07modules/drizzle: add a mapped overlay styleVito Caputo
2022-08-07modules/drizzle: experimenting with the new snapshottingVito Caputo
2022-08-07til: experimentally fragment-centric page apiVito Caputo
2022-08-07til: til_fb_fragment_t **fragment_ptr all the thingsVito Caputo
2022-08-07til_fb: introduce til_fb_fragment_t.opsVito Caputo
2022-07-27setup: don't spin on EOF in setup_interactively()Vito Caputo
2022-07-24modules/checkers: center unaligned checkers scenariosVito Caputo
2022-07-24modules/plato: scale to frame sizeVito Caputo
2022-07-24modules/stars: more fast and nasty fragment clip to frame fixesVito Caputo
2022-07-24modules/spiro: fast and dirty frame clipping fixupVito Caputo
2022-07-24modules/shapes: fix up clipped fragment/frameVito Caputo
2022-07-21til: simplify and clarify module_render_fragment()Vito Caputo
2022-07-21modules/{compose,rtv}: s/prepare_frame/render_fragment/Vito Caputo
2022-07-20til_settings: support rudimentary =value escapingVito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/pixbounce: s/rand/rand_r/Vito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/meta2d: more rand()->rand_r() conversionsVito Caputo
2022-07-20libs/sig: add blurb comment about need for seedVito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/checkers: one more rand/rand_r conversionVito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/sparkler: s/rand/rand_r/ and wire up seedVito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/drizzle: switch to rand_r w/local seedVito Caputo
2022-07-20libs/din: pass seed to din_new()Vito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/submit: wire up seed to randomizersVito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/swarm: wire up seed to various randomizersVito Caputo
2022-07-20main: show --seed with print_setup_as_args()Vito Caputo
2022-07-20modules/flui2d: fix clockstep value to match defaultVito Caputo
2022-07-18modules/rtv: s/rand/rand_r/Vito Caputo
2022-07-18til: wire seed up to til randomizersVito Caputo
2022-07-18til_args: add --seed= explicit PRNG seeding supportVito Caputo
2022-07-15build: always build the rototiller binVito Caputo
2022-07-15mem_fb: introduce --video=mem; a dummy in-memory video backendVito Caputo
2022-07-15til_fb: switch til_fb_ops_t.init() to use til_setup_tVito Caputo
2022-06-13modules/sparkler: plug longstanding chunker leakVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/checkers: experimenting with fill modesVito Caputo
2022-06-10til: introduce til_frame_plan_t and .cpu_affinityVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/roto: drive from ticks, move palette to contetxtVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/plato: derive movement from delta ticksVito Caputo
2022-06-10til: add ticks to til_module_context_tVito Caputo
2022-06-10til_threads: remove vestigial n_fragments counterVito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/blinds: use til_fb_put_pixel_checked()Vito Caputo
2022-06-10modules/montage: minor fixupsVito Caputo
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