AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysmodules/pixbounce: add Ignignokt & Err pixmapsHEADmasterPhilip J Freeman
12 daysmodules/pixbounce: add "rototiller" qr codePhilip J Freeman
12 daysmodules/pixbounce: add setting for pixmap choicePhilip J Freeman
12 daysmodules/pixbounce: remove weird pixmapsPhilip J Freeman
12 daysmodules/pixbounce: add setting for pixmap sizePhilip J Freeman
12 daysmodules/pixbounce: support arbitrary pixmap sizePhilip J Freeman
2022-05-03modules/voronoi: slightly underscale to prevent OOB accessVito Caputo
2022-05-02modules/rtv: silence compiler warning about parensVito Caputo
2022-05-02modules/rtv: plug big channel leak on context destroyVito Caputo
2022-05-02modules/submit: fix bilerp mode out-of-bounds accessVito Caputo
2022-05-02modules/montage: fix fragnum misuse as cpu #Vito Caputo
2022-05-01modules/rtv: make "compose" the default channelVito Caputo
2022-05-01til_fb: add draw flags for controlling texturabilityVito Caputo
2022-05-01til_fb: introduce a fragment texture sourceVito Caputo
2022-05-01modules/julia: randomize initial stateVito Caputo
2022-05-01modules/plasma: randomize initial state of contextsVito Caputo
2022-05-01modules/roto: randomize roto initial stateVito Caputo
2022-05-01modules/rtv: snow_module=blank is blanking, "none" for disabledVito Caputo
2022-05-01til: introduce "blank" built-in moduleVito Caputo
2022-05-01modules/*: make use of generic fragmentersVito Caputo
2022-05-01til: introduce some generic fragmenters for convenienceVito Caputo
2022-05-01til: wire n_cpus up to the fragmenter functionVito Caputo
2022-04-29modules/rtv: except snow_module=none,snow_duration=0Vito Caputo
2022-04-29modules/rtv: align all struct membersVito Caputo
2022-04-29modules/rtv: rtv_channel_t: s/settings/settings_as_arg/Vito Caputo
2022-04-29modules/voronoi: voronoi diagram moduleVito Caputo
2022-04-28libs/din: lose the asserts in dotgradient()Vito Caputo
2022-04-28libs/din: minor optimization in clamp()Vito Caputo
2022-04-28libs/din: premultiply din->width * din->heightVito Caputo
2022-04-28libs/din: minor optimizationVito Caputo
2022-04-28modules/swab: switch to tiled fragmenterVito Caputo
2022-04-27modules/pixbounce: randomize pixmap sizesPhilip J Freeman
2022-04-27modules/pixbounce: add 2 new pixmapsPhilip J Freeman
2022-04-27modules/pixmap: randomize colorsPhilip J Freeman
2022-04-27til_fb: til_fb_fragment_t.{pitch,stride} uint32_t unitsVito Caputo
2022-04-27til_fb: fix til_fb_fragment_fill() memset() misuseVito Caputo
2022-04-25modules/flui2d: add some gamma correctionVito Caputo
2022-04-25modules/flui2d: colorify the density fieldVito Caputo
2022-04-25modules/flui2d: introduce another emitter; "clockgrid"Vito Caputo
2022-04-25modules/pixbounce: rand start pos and dirPhilip J Freeman
2022-04-25modules/swarm: use put_pixel_checked() to stop segfaultingVito Caputo
2022-04-25doc: mention libtool dep in HACKING.txtVito Caputo
2022-04-25modules/blinds: add count and orientation settingsVito Caputo
2022-04-25modules/compose: implement layer setting randomizerVito Caputo
2022-04-25modules/*: set TIL_MODULE_OVERLAYABLE where appropriateVito Caputo
2022-04-25til: add til_module_t.flags and TIL_MODULE_OVERLAYABLEVito Caputo
2022-04-25doc: fix some typos/inconsistencies in HACKING.txtVito Caputo
2022-04-24*: free setup allocations via til_setup_free()Vito Caputo
2022-04-24til_setup: introduce til_setup_free()Vito Caputo
2022-04-24*: s/void */til_setup_t */Vito Caputo
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