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charts: show ??s when proc_stat->start is unset
When libvmon fails to successfully sample proc_stat, it will leave this value as 0, which isn't really otherwise a normal process start value. Handle this by producing "??s" for the Wall time normally derived from (sys_stat->boottime - proc_stat->start), to prevent producing an incorrect Wall time equal to sys_stat->boottime. There should probably be a more robust means of communicating these libvmon sampling failures to vwm/vmon, but I've thus far been resisting adding something like an errno to every sample store, or worse every sample store's datum. It's kind of non-trivial to do without bloating the sample stores, especially since the stores consolidate multiple proc files under a single store/want. Having a single errno in the store would prevent letting the valid portions of the store be usable while ignoring the errored portions. Perhaps just a per-store errno with a bitfield to indicate which subset are errored would suffice...
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