BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
macutil: add macos support for getting number of CPUsVito Caputo2 months
masterlibs/ray: decouple film and frame dimensionsVito Caputo10 days
stubstub: add a stub sample moduleVito Caputo8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 dayslibs/ray: decouple film and frame dimensionsHEADmasterVito Caputo
2020-01-08modules/flui2d: static-ify flui2d_setup()Vito Caputo
2020-01-08README: add drizzle to modules listVito Caputo
2020-01-08modules/drizzle: add a classic 2D raindrops visVito Caputo
2020-01-08libs/puddle: add a classic 2D raindrop sim libVito Caputo
2020-01-06rtv: rework randomized module selectionVito Caputo
2020-01-06README: add spiro to modules listVito Caputo
2020-01-06stars: fat starsPhilip J Freeman
2020-01-06spiro: spirograph emulatorPhilip J Freeman
2020-01-03montage: bump Y tiles when root has large fractionVito Caputo
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